Rock Climbing Package

Ages 8-Adult

Assessment Mountain 2

General Assessment Services

When you go to climb any Mountain, to be successful you must first figure out where you are, what supplies and skills you need, and who you can depend upon to help along the way!  The same is true when you are trying to improve how your brain works

So Every Package we offer begins with A General Assessment Package.  The General Assessment Package includes:

  • A Brain Function Self-Assessment and the Organization of Dots Assessment from the Learning Propensity Assessment Device
  • The Via Character Strengths Assessment
  • The Aspects of Identity Questionnaire

The reports from these assessment give us a really good understanding of where to start.

Standard 1

Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment Standard Level 1

Using the World Renowned Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment Program, we improve your ability to think and learn.  Here are the 5 sections of Level 1 and what brain functions they work on:

Organization of Dots: helps to reduce impulsivity, learn to search systematically, improve your ability to transport visual images, develop strategies and improve precision and accuracy.

Orientation in Space 1: improves ability to see and estimate spatial relationships improves interpersonal relationships. broadens your perspective, and increases flexibility of thinking,  and develops representational thinking.

Comparisons: learning to compare things quickly, take in more information to improving perception, precision in how you communicate, and the ability to establish better relationships.

Analytic Perception: learning to divide wholes into component parts and constructing wholes by projecting the relationships between the parts. Developing an analytic approach to life.

All sections (or Instruments as they are called) create a fun and engaging way to improve your brain function and ability to think.

1 Positive Psychology Coaching Program of your Choice


We currently have 3 Programs you can choose from:

  1. Maximizing your Strengths-  be able to recognize your strengths, use them to help with your weaknesses, and control them in social situations.
  2. Building Resilience-Resilience in is one of the most important skills anyone can develop.  It allows you to handle life's challenges, not loose yourself in the situation, and ride on top of the waves in life instead of being crushed by them.
  3. Living with Meaning and Value- find your sense of purpose, and better define the values you want to live by.
boat and mountains

Aspects of Identity Map

Honestly, one of the most important things in life is how you see yourself.  And know what parts of your identity are most important to you can help you be happier with yourself and function better in the world.


In this part of the program we will share the different aspects of your identity and map out a plan to create a life that is more authentic to who you are.  Then we will show you how to use it.