We help you transform your brain Function, outlook, and self-Concept

So you can focus on your dreams and goals!

Gain Back Control of your life and find Joy for you and your family again!

Optimize your brain function, gain a positive outlook, and improve your self-concept.

Families that live with the effects of cognitive conditions are my Heroes!

  • The way you push through all the challenges that come with conditions like ADHD, Alzheimers, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, Learning Disabilities, Cancer Related Brain Fog, and so much more are an incredible inspiration.
  • From looking at the way you conquer daily life, nobody would know what you deal with daily.
  • I do understand and am passionate about changing your daily reality to include better brain function, more joy, and restore sense of identity and value in this world.

We help you transform your brain function, outlook, and self-concept!

Ascent Mind System
  • Optimize Brain Function

    Learn how to optimize your brain function in 28 different areas.  Improving your brain function not only helps you at work and in school, but also improves emotional control, memory, and personal relationships.

  • Stabalize Positive Outlook

    When we get upset, our brain is wired to narrow in on the threat. As a result, we literally, in some cases can't see the solution, or the other positive things around us.  When we help you retrain your brain your are more likely to be able to analyze negative situations better and reduce the threat.  Allowing you to move on to the better things in life.

  • Stabilize Identity and Self-Concept

    Ever wonder how some people just seem to allow things to roll off there back, or somehow come out stronger and better after a traumatic event.  It is because they have a really strong sense of who they are.  Our programs allow you to gain better brain function, a more positive outlook, and a strong sense of who you are so that you can live the life you want instead of being control by the outside world. 

Custom Designed Programs in the Ascent Resilient Mind Method

Enjoy a 20% discount on our retail prices every day when you choose to purchase a custom-designed package.

Rock Climbing Package- Conquering Life's Mountains Basics

$2150/ 1st Person $450/ per additional family member For Full Program
  • General Assessment Package
  • Level 1 Brain Function Training
  • 1 Positive Psychology Program
  • Aspects of Identity Map and how to use it

Ice Climbing Package- Meeting New Challenges as they arise

$4250/1st Person, $650/ per additional family member For Full Program
  • General Assessment Package
  • Levels 1 and 2 Brain Function Training
  • 2 Positive Psychology Programs of your Choice
  • Aspects of Identity Map, and Cultural Genealogy Tools

Alpine Mountaineering Package- becoming a Pro at Conquering life's mountains

$7350/1st Person, $850 per additional family member For Full Program
  • General Assessment Package
  • All 3 levels of Brain Function Training
  • All 3 Positive Psychology Programs
  • Aspects of Identity Map and Cultural Genealogy Tools
  • 1 Positive Psychology Identity Boost Program of your choice

Summit Package- Mountain Top Experience, nothing can knock you off course!

$8550 1st Person/ $1000 per additional family member For Full Program
  • General Assessment Package
  • All 3 levels of Brain Function Training
  • 3 Positive Psychology Programs
  • Aspects of Identity Map and Cultural Genealogy Tools
  • All 3 Positive Psychology Identity Boost Programs

Custom and ala carte services

For more information on our custom programs for servre cognitive impairment such as Traumatic Brain Injuiries, or information on our ala carte offering, please email us at support@ascentcenter.us

Experience the Difference ...

Why should you choose Ascent Cognitive Education Center over the other options you have to help with the Chronic Cognitive Condition you are living with?

  1. We are a drug free option and support system.
  2.  All programs we offer are based in scientific research
  3. We gladly help the whole family!
  4. The effects of our programs are scientifically proven to last longer, and in some cases to continue to improve functioning long after you have left the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three science based disciplines that are the foundation of our programs.  The first and most important is what is called Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment.  Originally developed to work with child survivors of the Holocaust in the 1950s.  It will build and restore 28 different cognitive functions, and neuroscience now shows that it can in some cases literally rewire the brain.

The second program we offer is training you in positive psychology techniques.  Our brains are wired to narrow our perspective when we are stressed, feel anxiety, or in danger.  Sometimes this narrow perspective gets stuck and makes it almost impossible to see and feel the positive things in life again? By teaching you Positive Psychology techniques we help put your focus back in balance to find more joy and happiness, and train you how to maintain it.

Lastly, Psychology has taught us that if you miss out on experiences that teach you about culture you don't develop as strong of an identity.  As a result, you, may find yourself just wondering through life.  Using Psychological and Cultural Genealogy Tools, We help you create a strong identity you are proud of to move forward with your life.

Since it's inception, Reuven Feuerstein and the programs he created have been bring hope and achievement to numerous individuals that the rest of society had written off.  Over the last 70 years, research has shown the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment program and Positive Psychology to be effective in dealing the the effects of the following conditions:

  • Autism
  • Addiction
  • Age-related cognitive decline
  • Cerebral Palsy (in some cases)
  • Cancer Related Brain Fog
  • Genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome
  • Giftedness
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • and more


Conditions that we maybe able to help given research results in other areas:

Covid 19 related Brain Fog

Multiple Sclerosis related cognitive decline

Eating Disorders

Contact us if you would like to give it a try.


NO! We are an educational center focused on teaching the brain how to function better and because of that improved brain function, it improves emotional stability and control.  

We do not offer clinical therapy and if you are in clinical therapy we do NOT suggest that you discontinue therapy.  We are offering a program that could be supplemental to what you are already doing. We will never ask you to go into detail about past traumatic experiences or offer therapeutic advice.

We do offer what can be a drug free alternative when it comes to dealing with learning disabilities and conditions like ADHD.


Yes!  Currently we hold numerous licenses and are seeking to add more in the next few years.

All Brain Training Coaches are licensed Colorado educators and must maintain their license to work at the center.

All Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Coaches (Mediators in Israel) are licensed through the center in Israel and are required to go to training every few years to maintain that license.

All Positive Psychology Coaches are at least licensed Colorado state teachers with training in the foundations of Positive Psychology.

Some of the staff also hold licensed as an Internationally Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, or Autism Specialist.

We are currently working to achieve status as a training center for the Feuerstein Institute, and an Internationally Certified Center.

Not at this time.  We are working on that as an option for in the future.

For some of our programs we do offer payment plans, with a saved credit card on file.  

 Don't wait another minute to create your families success story?