Halloween Hike-a-thon 2021 Registration

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Once you have registered, please click on or copy and paste the link below to create your team fundraising page. https://pages.donately.com/acec/campaign/acec-halloween-virtual-hike-a-thon Once on the page, click "Start a Fundraiser to add your team to our Campaign. Thank you.
Their name will apear on our leaderboard page as an honorary on our website, along with your name and the name of your team.

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Making a volutary donation as a registration fee is a great way to get your team started towards their fundraising goals.
2021 Ascent Cognitive Education Center Halloween Virtual Hike-a-thon Waiver By checking the box above I acknowledge that my participation in the ACEC Halloween Hike-a-thon may involve a risk of injury, including bodily injury, and assume the risk for same. On my own behalf and on behalf of my heirs and legal representatives and to the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby release and discharge Ascent Cognitive Education Center and their respective directors, officers, board of trustees, members, agents and representatives, of and from any and all liability for injury, death, or damages and/or any other claims, demands, losses or damages, incurred by me in connection with any aspect of the walk. I also agree to the use of any photo, film, video of the event, in which I may be included, for any legitimate purpose, including advertising and promotion. I further acknowledge that my signature and date at the bottom of the form denotes agreement with this clause and consent for any minors that I am legally responsible for.