Hi! I'm Karyl Haden

The Power to change the Brain is the Power to change Everything!

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Hi! I'm Karyl Haden.

You are not alone! Whatever medical or learning condition you and your family are dealing with, the cognitive effects can be improved, restored, and developed. We are here to partner with you for a better tomorrow!

I am a Licensed Educator in the State of Colorado with nearly 25 years of experience and an Internationally Board Certified Cognitive Specialist.

Helping Families take back their lives from Cognitive Conditions!

Bringing the brain's ability to change itself together with sciences of well-being and identity to bring stability and peace. A drug-free option and support for the entire family.

Realizing I had No Choice...

Although "Educational Malpractice" isn't technically a term, it is how I felt. Why?

  • Because although I was madly and passionately dedicated to my career and my students, I knew that I had been trained in something absolutely life-changing for so many people!
  • I wasn't in a position where I could share it.

The power to change the brain is the power to change everything!

So what does a 20+ year veteran in education do?

You walk away from your career to start your own educational center!

Today the center is currently focused on helping families who deal with chronic conditions that affect the brain.

These conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Effects of Addiction on the Brain (We are not a drug treatment center)
  • Cancer-related Brain Fog
  • Dyslexia
  • PTSD
  • Alzheimer's
  • Traumatic Brain Injury, and more!

I understand the impact on your family and want to help!

As the daughter of a United States Marine Sharp Shooter and a mother who valiantly fought Multiple Sclerosis for 40 years, as well as the aunt of Quadruplets who have worked tirelessly to conquer varying degrees of cerebral palsy, I understand the impact chronic conditions have on the family! I also understand the impact from a professional perspective as a Secondary Educator.



Bri Dolan (2)
"You never let your clients give up. And on a personal level you saved my life and you never let me shut down. You always pushed me forward when I wouldn't push myself."

Briana Dolan

Stay at Home Mom

Let's Start Changing Your Brain and Your Future NOW!

There is zero doubt in my mind that you can Improve Your Brain Functions, secure a better outlook, and flourish as a family starting today. Every journey starts with a single step! It is time to take yours!